HERMES Camel Constance Crossbody Bag

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This Hermes leather Constance bag features a gold H closure, gold hardware, and a bone top stitch.

Made in France.

I have adjusted the lighting to show the extent of the interior condition.  

The outside snapshot shows the true color of the bag.

It really is a very sublime beige. It is quite attractive as one would expect exclusively from HERMES. It is not creme and it is not a true beige. Please see the attached exterior photo.

There is one scuff mark on the back of the bag the team at HERMES said they did not wish to try to remove, or cover it up as that would have meant changing the entire color of the bag and considering how handsome the bag is, and rare for its age and specific color, they felt it best to leave it as is. It is really insignificant to the overall bag.

Please take into consideration that the bag is from the 1970's and she certainly has fared very well for a 50 year old HERMES Constance. HERMES has made a brand new shoulder strap for the bag as well as a new clear clip piece which is behind the crossbar of the H closure.

See all images of the receipt for the restoration of the HERMES Constance bag listed here.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have.


Measurements in Inches:

Length: 9

Height: 7

Width: 2

Strap single: 32

Strap doubled: 19