CHANEL Multi-Colored 2 pc Jacket & Pleated Skirt Suit

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This is a very young and unique take on the classic Chanel suit. The skirt is slightly shorter than usual with fun pleating running up from the bottom left-hand hem. The Jacket has two pockets placed slightly higher along the side of the bodice and the buttons feature the Chanel logo within a design that mimics the weave of the suit. The colors woven throughout consist of a pinkish peach, lavender, tan, forest green, cream and navy blue. The shoulders are padded and the arms are cropped.

Skirt Length - 18 inches

Waist - 28 inches

Hips - 37 inches

Jacket Length - 21 inches

Arm Length - 21.5 inches

Shoulder to Shoulder - 16 inches

Waist - 33 inches

Bust -35 inches